Development by Design

2nd edition

Conference Cycle

Organized by Roca in association with the Master of International Cooperation in Sustainable Emergency Architecture at the UIC School of Architecture Barcelona, the second edition of Development by Design aims to highlight the role of architects and planners in the context of poverty, disaster, conflict and rapid urbanization.


If “starchitecture” isn’t dead, then it has surely been rendered irrelevant in a world struggling to provide decent living conditions to at least a quarter of the world’s population. A growing network of architects and urban planners are busy tackling the challenges posed by realities such as unprecedented urban growth, climate change and conflict, grasping them as opportunities to build a more just and sustainable future. As such, resilience, sustainable urban development, the effects of mass migration on cities, community participation, post-disaster response and disaster risk reduction are key issues within our master’s course that merit emphasis beyond the classroom and
that today more than ever resonate with urban practitioners and the general public.


In a series of talks to be held between December and February, three guest speakers will talk about their work with affected communities across the world, highlighting new approaches to the provision of shelter, housing, spatial justice and resilience.


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